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Rock & Pop Music Enrichment

“The Rock and Pop Group brought us together and introduced us to playing as a band and writing tunes. This has allowed us to grow as a band and as songwriters, helping us establish a great initial fan base to build on after we leave college. The Group also facilitated all our rehearsals, record several demo tracks in the studio – a massive bonus for us in terms of developing our mixing and producing skills”. – Patrick Cussack (Drummer/Percussionist)

Course Content

This enrichment course is one hour per week and can be studied alongside your subjects

The enrichment course  is suitable for students who are looking to become music producers, composers or performers. You will also have the opportunity to perform at a number of events in College and at professional venues in Manchester.


Rock and Pop Music Enrichment is an unique opportunity to develop skills through a bespoke enrichment programme that can sit alongside your subject choices. You can join as a band or as a producer and will produce tracks for the College Record Label: EK Records.

You will develop skills in musicianship, performance, improvisation, and learn how to set up and use equipment.


Many of our students pursue a career in the
performance industry.

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