“I was so pleased to have the opportunity to work towards my Grade 7 in Creative Dance, I really
improved my technique and had so much support”.

You will need:
• Previous dance experience would be helpful.
• An interest in exploring a range of dance styles

Course Content

Creative Dance is an exciting new opportunity for students to use their dance training to achieve a qualification in performance and choreography. Students will study an extensive range of practical dance styles, with a focus on contemporary dance and choreograph their own work, and have the opportunity to enter for a graded dance qualification, dependent on experience.


You will develop your practical dance skills and enhance your performance technique. You will also develop research skills and analyse professional dance works. You will develop leadership and choreographic skills based on a stimulus.


Why not use this enrichment qualification to further your skills and prepare for university/conservatoire entrance? For Dance at university, where your A ‐level (or equivalent) does not include Dance or Performing Arts, other dance experience will be considered. We can offer 1 to 1 support for dance applications at specialist training centres