Starting at Loreto

When is enrolment at Loreto for 2023-2024?

On GCSE results day (24th August) you can complete the online enrolment stage. You will then attend a course advice enrolment appointment in the week commencing 28th August 2023. You do not need to contact us on results day, any information can be shared with us at your appointment.

You will receive a letter this summer with your enrolment date. If you are unable to attend on this date, do not worry, you still have your place. Just let us know and we can arrange an alternative date to complete your enrolment

If I don’t get the grades I need for the subjects I want to study, will I lose my place at Loreto?

No, you still have your place at Loreto College. If your results aren’t quite what you hoped for, you can discuss your course options with our team of course advisors during enrolment.

Do I have to come into college to enrol or can I do it online?

Although you can do some of the enrolment process online, you will still have to complete the process in person. You will receive a letter which outlines when you should come in and what time. You’ll also get to meet your Head of Hall and a course advisor.

Can I do a BTEC or vocational course with A Levels?

Yes, you can study one of our one A Level equivalent courses alongside your A Levels.

Can I change what courses I want to study during enrolment?

Yes, you can discuss this with your course advisor.

Do you already have our GCSE results?

You will need to bring proof of your GCSE results with you when
you enrol.

Apart from my GCSE results, do I have to bring anything else with me when I enrol?

Please make sure you bring your enrolment letter and a pen with you. If you are enrolling on to any of the art courses, don’t forget to bring some of your work with you.

Will my Music audition still take place during enrolment?

Yes. You will be able to perform a piece of your choice.

What GCSE Maths grade do I need to study Maths at A Level?

Preferably a Grade 7, but a Grade 6 is acceptable, please see course page Maths for full entry requirement.

What course should I do if I want to do Midwifery? BTEC or A Levels?

We have students who have progressed on to Midwifery courses by doing A Levels and others that have completed the BTEC National Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care course, which is the equivalent of 3 A Levels. You could even do both, as the BTEC National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care is equivalent to one A Level. Read more in our course pages of our website.

Can we do AS Levels at Loreto?

We do not offer AS levels at Loreto. We do offer the EPQ which is equivalent to an AS level and can be studied alongside 3 A Levels.

Can I study 4 A Levels?

Yes. You can discuss this at enrolment, but most students pick 3 A Levels and some also complete an EPQ.

When can I apply for the EPQ course?

There is plenty of time to apply. The EPQ course starts towards the end of your Lower Sixth year and is completed in Upper Sixth. As this is an additional qualification requiring significant commitment, EPQs are recommended to students who, in agreement with their subject teachers and Head of Hall, have achieved strong academic success during their first year of study.

Can we choose any EPQ course, or does it have to be connected to what we want to do in the future?

No, it doesn’t have to be related to a subject you are currently studying.

When do we get our timetables?

You’ll be given your timetable after enrolment, before classes begin in September.

Can I re-sit my GCSEs at Loreto?

We only offer GCSE re-sits in English Language and Maths to students who have not achieved a Grade 4 or higher. This is a Government requirement. In this exceptional year, there will be an opportunity to resit GCSE exams in November, but that is something you will need to discuss with your school.

I’ve been offered a place at more than one college, what should I do?

The decision is entirely yours to make. Take your time to make up your mind; discuss it with family, trusted friends and college staff. You have to make the right decision for yourself and no one is in a better position to do that than you.

Where do I apply for my bus pass? Is OurPass still available? What about college buses?

For all up to date information about buses, tickets and passes, visit Transport for Greater Manchester, there's a link below alongside other links to useful travel information.

Life at College

Should I have done some studying during the summer holidays in preparation for my A Level course?

No, but any work you have done will only be to your benefit. If you are looking to do some prep work, you’ll find study sheets on each of the subjects we offer on our website under Life at Loreto - Year 11 preparatory work.

Do I have to hand in any preparation work I’ve done to my teachers?

No, but it would be good to file any of the prep work that you have done, as you may want to reference it while you’re at Loreto.

Are we put into sets for our subjects like at school?


Are Halls the same as forms or tutor groups?

The tutor groups are very similar to forms in high school. Here the tutor groups sit within one of 12 halls.

Is there a dress code at Loreto?

No, Loreto celebrates individuality and diversity. However, we do insist that hoods are not worn inside any of the College buildings.

How often do you have Parents’ Evenings?

We hold them twice a year.

Can we buy our lunch at College or do we have to bring our own?

There are 3 food outlets on campus where you can buy your lunch or you can bring your own.

Are textbooks provided or do we have to buy our own?

College will provide you with textbooks.

Do I need to bring my own stationery (paper, pens etc.)?

Yes, although we will provide you with an A4 lever arch file for each of your subjects or notebook. Students should provide their own pens and other equipment.

What software do you use at Loreto?

We use Office 365 throughout the campus, but certain departments use specialist software like: Sibelius (Music Dept) and Final Cut Pro and Edit Share (Media Dept).

Is there free Wi-Fi available at College?


Can I be given extra time in exams?

If you require any exam access arrangements, you will need to book an appointment with our Additional Learning Support Team first.

How many students are there at Loreto?

There are 3650 students in total

How many students are there in a class?

Around 22 students.

Do you help students apply to university?

Yes, we do. At Loreto we support all our students whatever they decide to do next: go to university, apply for an apprenticeship or get a full time job. We will help you to write your personal statements and fill in application forms. We have a fantastic careers team who provide one-to-one support, arrange
opportunities for you to meet with HE providers and potential employers.

Will you help me get into Oxford or Cambridge and/or a place on a Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Science degree course?

We have a dedicated team of staff who are highly experienced in supporting students through the rigorous application process required to secure a place on these extremely competitive courses and at selective institutions. We are very proud of our high success rate. You can discuss this in more depth at enrolment. You’ll also find more info on our website.

I’m thinking of getting a part time job while I’m at College. Is this a good idea?

Although having a part time job is a good way of gaining excellent skills, you have to remember that you are now be a full-time student and you’ll be very busy with your studies, which should really take priority. Research shows that working part-time for more than 8 hours a week can result in lower grades. It’s all about balance.

Does Loreto College have a place where I can pray?

Yes, we do have dedicated spaces for prayer across the campus.

Will I be able to have access to lessons and worksheets online?

Yes. Loreto uses myLoreto, a specially designed system where you can access all departmental resources as well as upload your work directly to the mark book.

I have an EHCP, will I get any support at College?

The support we will give you will be based on your individual need.

Can anyone help me if I’m struggling with my studies?

Of course, your subject teachers and tutors are always there to help you should you need it. We also have Academic Support staff who run the Success Programme, to help students develop the skills needed to succeed at college, focusing on such things as study skills, metacognition and organisation. You can find more information on Loreto’s Learning support pages on the website.

I get anxious and stressed at times, is there anyone at college who I can talk to about it?

Yes, we have Mental Health First Aid trained staff and counsellors available to offer support. Loreto College is also affiliated to a number of external agencies who can offer help and advice too.

Can I get any help with the cost of attending college?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for the 16 – 19 Bursary and/or Free College Meals. Should your family’s circumstances change, students can apply for the bursary or free college meals at any point throughout the academic year. You can find more information on how to apply and eligibility on our the Bursary and Free College Meals page on our website (link below).

Public Transport to and from College

Are there any College buses?

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) run the following buses to Loreto College:

Service 742: Burnage - Heaton Chapel - Levenshulme - Longsight - Loreto College
Service 743: Heald Green - Gatley - Northenden - Didsbury - Withington - Loreto College
Service 744: Eccles - Monton Green - Patricroft - Stretford - Loreto College
Service 745: Walkden - Swinton - Pendlebury - Irlams o' th' Height - Pendleton - Loreto College

A link to timetables for the listed college bus services can be found below.

When do the College buses run?

College buses run during term time only.

What other buses services can I use to travel to College?

There are a number of bus services that operate close to the College. Click on the Transport for Greater Manchester link below and open the Commercial bus services to see the list of buses.

Are there any travel passes available?

Our Pass - free bus travel for 16-18 year olds who live in Greater Manchester. You will need to apply online and there is a one-off £10 fee to pay. The pass also allows you to get half-price off peak 1 day and weekend travelcards on Metrolink.

Scholar's Permit - child fares for 16-19 year olds travelling to and from college. If you apply for this pass you will need your passport sized colour photo of yourself to have the Loreto College stamp on the back. Just bring the photo to College reception and we can do that for you.

Links to Our Pass and Scholar's Permit can be found below.