Loreto College’s Art and Design Department recently embarked on an exciting journey to London, a city renowned for its rich culture and vibrant artistic scene. Despite the chilly weather, students from all five subjects eagerly immersed themselves in a day filled with inspiration and creativity. The trip was a perfect blend of sightseeing and gallery visits, offering our students a comprehensive insight into the diverse world of art and design.

As they navigated the bustling streets of London, anticipation filled the air, fueling their enthusiasm for the day ahead. One of the trip’s highlights was the visit to the Cartoon Museum, where students were delighted to encounter the iconic figures of Wallace and Gromit, crafted with meticulous detail by the talented team at Aardman Animations. The charm of these beloved characters captivated the students, offering a small glimpse into the fascinating realm of animation.

At The National Gallery, students had the opportunity to view the National Portrait Prize. Among the collection of captivating portraits on display, one particular photograph stood out—a striking portrayal of the esteemed actor, Nuti Gatwa, known for portraying the fifteenth Doctor in the popular television series Doctor Who.

Textiles students had the opportunity to visit the Diva: 90 Years of Style Icon show at the V&A. This captivating exhibition showcased the evolution of style icons over the past nine decades, celebrating the influence of fashion on culture and society. From glamorous Hollywood stars to groundbreaking musicians and influential political figures, the exhibition offered a fascinating insight into the diverse expressions of style and identity. After the exhibition, they headed to Dover Street Market, a renowned fashion retail concept store in the heart of London. As they wandered through the innovative displays and cutting-edge designs curated by some of the world’s most influential designers, students were immersed in an environment that pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion retail.

Meanwhile, our A Level 3D Design students had a unique experience exploring London’s bridges. As they crossed the iconic structures spanning the River Thames, they marvelled at the intricate architecture and engineering feats that defined each bridge. Their teacher shared fascinating insights into the history and design of these landmarks, providing valuable context for their studies in 3D design.

The A Level Fine Art students headed over to Tate Britain to explore the current exhibition, ‘Women in Revolt.’ This groundbreaking showcase is the first of its kind, offering a wide-ranging exploration of feminist art by over 100 women artists working in the UK. It shines a spotlight on how networks of women used radical ideas and rebellious methods to make an invaluable contribution to British culture. Their art helped fuel the women’s liberation movement during significant social, economic, and political change. The exhibition provided a thought-provoking commentary, leaving a lasting impact on all who experienced it.

Now back at Loreto, the students are filled with inspiration, eager to translate their experiences into their creative projects!