To guide and inspire first-year students, Loreto’s Art Department recently organized its annual HE and Progression Event. The event, held yesterday, welcomed representatives from various universities across the country to provide valuable insights into higher education and the opportunities available to aspiring artists.

The event kicked off with engaging talks from esteemed universities, where representatives showcased their institutions and discussed the diverse academic and artistic pathways they offer. Students had the chance to explore potential educational journeys and gain a deeper understanding of the programs available to them after completing their studies at Loreto.

Following the informative talks, students were encouraged to actively engage in the event by signing up for workshops and discussions. These sessions, facilitated by both Loreto alumni and university representatives, provided students with practical insights into the creative courses. The knowledge gained from this event will empower students to make informed decisions about their future academic and career paths.

With thanks to – UAL, UCLAN, Huddersfield University, and our Loreto alumni!