MUNCH at Cheadle Hulme School 7th – 8th October, Loreto representing the USA, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

Student Anna Seifu writes:

MUNCH 2017 was host to heated debates, a pandemic caused by the hippie group ‘death 2 flowers’ and some hilarious resolutions and acronyms. In my committee DISEC1, we passed a motion to further strengthen corruption laws in each member state, another to uphold the Chemical Warfare Convention of 1993 and, in response to the crisis, we surprisingly passed a motion to bomb the surviving members of the criminal group ‘death 2 flowers’. Being a Disarmament committee, we couldn’t take this one through to the general assembly, so instead adopted a resolution to detain them in prison camps (a slightly more rational reaction).

The general assembly was kitted out with live cameras and microphones – certainly the biggest one I’ve ever been to – and was an amazing summary of our busy weekend passing resolutions. A highlight of my weekend must be Sumaira handing the British delegation a P45 during their closing speech.

Jake Britner, Loreto’s US delegate to the Human rights council, said that, “My favourite part of the experience was the opening ceremony, which included a great talk from a previous Cheadle Hulme student who had volunteered in areas at the epicentre of the refugee crisis.” The student’s inspiring speech about the ongoing crisis in Greece reminded everyone about the importance of international co-operation and the UN in solving human suffering around the world. The humorous tone of the weekend did not undermine the integrity of everyone present and together we navigated the rules of MUN and became inspired to make a difference.