Entry requirements

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  • Six GCSEs 9-4 (or A*-C)
  • Two from English, Maths OR Science
  • Two at least grade 6

A Level Politics

  • How do the American and British Political systems differ?
  • What powers does a Prime Minister have?

Politics shapes our daily lives. Decisions made by law makers have long lasting effects on society. This is an exciting A Level for any student who is curious how government can affect societal change.

Exam board: AQA





Percentage of total marks: 33.33 %
Method of assessment: Written exam 2 hours

Students will study over two years the UK Constitution, Government, the powers of the Prime Minister, UK Political Parties, Elections and Voting, Referendums and Pressure Groups.


Percentage of total marks: 33.33%
Method of assessment: Written exam 2 hours

Students will study over two years the American Government and Politics. This includes looking at Presidential elections, Pressure Groups, the Constitution, Political Parties, Social Issues. Students will also compare UK-US political culture, government and Politics.


Percentage of total marks:  33.33%
Method of assessment: Written exam  2 hours

Students will study three core ideas: Socialism/Liberalism/Conservatism and Feminism


You will develop essay writing, analytical, interpretative and communication skills.


A Level Politics is a subject that can lead to degrees and careers in law, journalism and Civil Service. Many students go on to study related subjects at university such as American Studies, Social Science or Public Policy. Past students have gone on to work as Parliamentary Researchers in the House of Commons and even the US Congress.


What is Politics?

Lively, relevant, controversial, there are many ways to describe A level Politics. It is one of the most interesting and engaging qualifications, you can choose. Politics helps you understand how the UK as a country is run and develops research, written communication, and debate skills. It also helps grow your confidence.

What subjects go well with Politics?

A range of humanities and social science subjects including History,
English, Economics, Geography, Law and Sociology. It is also ideal if
you are considering studying politics, sociology, ethics, law,
advertising or journalism at university and is highly regarded by
employers in industries including politics, international
organisations, the media, government and the civil service.

Is there any coursework in Politics A Level?

There is no coursework in Politics but there are three exams at the
end of the two years. These exams are 2 hours long and the
questions range from short answer, applied and extended writing

What can Politics lead to?

A good grade in Politics at A level is valued by universities and
employers, since it requires the development of analytical skills and
demonstrates the ability to evaluate political, social and economic
issues. This course also lays an appropriate foundation for further
study of government and politics or related subjects in higher

What are the class sizes in Politics A Level?

Politics is a popular subject and the class sizes usually range from
20 – 24 students.

Do you go on any trips in Politics?

Yes, in Politics we go to the USA visiting New York and Washington. The department also invites academic guest speakers who visit the college.

What support will I get?

The subject is well taught with an outstanding range of resources provided to students to help support their learning. Students are regularly assessed to help enhance their long-term memory of the subject over the two years in preparation for their A level
examinations, and there is a homework schedule to enhance this.
The department offers an extra session for upper sixth students to
help students improve their grades.

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