The Success Programme

The Success Programme is a 5-week intervention, which aims to improve academic success and help you develop your study skills. The aim is to equip you with the tools to excel at A-level, BTEC and university study. The sessions include metacognition, organisation, time management, anxiety, and revision/exam technique.

You will have the opportunity, during these sessions, to work collaboratively with other young people to share study strategies and skills.

Hundreds of students have benefitted from the programme since 2019, and it has received consistent positive feedback.

‘The Success Programme helped me develop strategies to manage my time, reduce stress and get the most out of revision’.

Exam Access Arrangements

If you have special educational needs, or barriers to learning, exam access arrangements will allow you to access your assessments and complete them with confidence.

If you have had exam arrangements at High School, a member of the Academic Support team will meet with you to assess your needs and determine appropriate support.

If you have not had exam arrangements previously, your teachers can request an assessment to help identify your needs.

If you qualify for support, you will be invited to sessions which help you to understand the various arrangements. You will also have these arrangements in all class tests, and internal/external exams.

The exam arrangements available include, but are not limited to, 25% extra time, a reader, a scribe, a computer, a smaller room, and supervised rest breaks.

‘I have had arrangements in my exams in High School, but I didn’t fully understand how to use them. At College I have been shown how to use my scribe and reader and now I feel much more confident when I am in a test’.