Frequently asked questions

College Day

The college day starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm. However, depending on your term time (and if Government guidelines are changed), these times may differ. Extra curricular activities can take place in the evening.

Your timetable

Each student has an individual timetable which will be produced once they are enrolled on their programme of study. It consists of academic lessons, tutorial, RE, optional enrichment activities and study periods

Study periods

Your timetable will contain a number of study periods where you are not timetabled for a lesson. These are a great opportunity to use our many college study spaces to complete homework and independent study

Loreto's Halls

Loreto’s 12 Hall groups are the focus for many charitable, voluntary and social activities. Being a member of a Hall provides every student with the opportunity to fully participate in, and even direct and lead, life at Loreto. Halls are led by Heads of Hall who are available for advice and assistance on any matter.


Within your Hall you will belong to a tutor group, a group of students who meet their tutor twice a week in tutorial lessons. These key lessons focus on a number of different areas including wellbeing, supporting you in your studies and helping to plan your next steps after college

Is there a dress code or uniform?

No, Loreto celebrates individuality and diversity. However, we do insist that hoods are not worn inside any of the College buildings.


Every student attends one lesson of RE a week. These are engaging and interesting sessions which explore many aspects of different faiths and wider ethical and moral issues. There is no homework or assessments in RE lessons

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own stationary and paper, we will provide you with an A4 ring binder to organise your notes. You can bring your own food for lunch or take advantage of the wide range of catering options in college.

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