RECLAIM Project provides a platform for young working-class voices to be heard where it matters, in places where decisions are being made about their futures. U6 student Olivia Clarke (pictured left) has been involved with the organisation since she was 12 and along with 4 other young members, decided to get together to discuss the nastiness within politics and how it permeates the language politicians use when making decisions that affects young people’s futures. Last September, the team of young activists devised a new code of conduct to encourage a kinder politics; they launched it with a petition which attracted over 70,000 signatures. Spurred on by the great response, the team approached John Bercow (who was the Speaker of the House of Commons at the time) to present their campaign. This was picked up by the BBC, who not only filmed their meeting with Mr Bercow, but then asked the team to appear on BBC Breakfast, BBC Evening Show and on BBC Radio Manchester (pictured right). This added publicity, gave their #IfWeDidThis campaign a much bigger platform. This brought them to the attention of the Manchester Youth Buzz Awards 2020, where the team picked up the Most Effective Youth Voice/Campaign Award in February. They have also been nominated for the Campaigners of the Year Award   at  the  Civility in Politics Awards, which takes place in London in late March.

The final word should go to Olivia, who speaks on behalf of the team:

“I’d like to say thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to continue to make change and present working-class young people, to make kinder and fairer politics. To RECLAIM our futures.”



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