A Level drama students attended their first theatre visit of the year to see a 62 minute play called Meek. Staged by Headlong Theatre in association with Birmingham repertoire, Meek tells the story of Irene, imprisoned because she has written a love song which has been taken to be a blasphemous attack on the Holy Spirit. The story unfolds through visits to her prison cell by her lawyer, Gudrun and her nervous friend, Anna. The stark and simple staging created a dark and gloomy atmosphere for the duration, with echoes of cries from neighbouring prison cells and sharp. With open white side lighting continually casting a clean shadow of the three women onto the set that was made to look like a prison cell made of blue stone.

The production was set in an unspecified near future where social media and you tube are the primary sources of information, but where gender equality has reverted to 12th Century standards. This was a compact and thought provoking show that raised questions about freedom and justice and also reminded us that great theatre doesn’t always need a spectacular set and dressings, but a well written script and good acting can transport an audience to another world.