Textile Design students enjoyed a spectacular finish to the year with a visit to the blockbuster Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the V&A Museum, London.

In the exhibition space, students were lead through a maze of dimly lit rooms where dark, gothic, but eerily beautiful, costumes loomed. Themes including ‘Romantic Exoticism’, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ and ‘Plato’s Atlantis’ adorned the walls and captured our students’ imaginations, filliping ideas for future projects to come.

As they emerged from the exhibition, lost in a daze of admiration, students exchanged their thoughts, uttering comments such as “it was just amazing…” and “I need to visit this show again before it ends”. It was clear to see that this experience was something they will remember for years to come.

Taking advantage of their time in the V&A Museum, and full of inspiration, the students then embarked on a quest to gather as much reference material as they could for their next ‘Personal Investigation’ project, which begins in the new academic year. Photographs of early 20th century dress, sketches of traditional Asian woven rugs and notes about the costumes of the Ballet Russes were hurriedly jotted down as the students explored the huge permanent collection of the gallery.

The day flew by and soon it was time to make our way back to Manchester, but not before stopping off at a few iconic London landmarks! Students had their photos taken in front of the famous Piccadilly neon display and statue of Eros before joining the bustling crowds at Oxford Circus for a spot of shopping. An excellent day all round: educational, inspirational and thoroughly enjoyable.