Zehra Raza writes:

Having arrived at the chaplaincy, we just stared at the walls initially, not knowing each other. However, by the time we were on the minibus, we were all laughing, joking and singing along to the radio – I’m sure our screeching distracted Mrs. Kambouris from her driving many times. Driving up to the house in north west Wales, the views were breath taking. Once unpacked, we were out on the beach within seconds. That evening, we took some time out for evening prayer. The session was inclusive of people of all and no faith. It gave us the opportunity to focus on ourselves and those around us.

Later on that evening, we decided to watch “The School of Rock”, during which lots of cups of tea and sugary foods were consumed.

The next day, we had morning prayer, after which we walked into Barmouth town centre, where we found a coffee shop to satisfy everyone’s caffeine cravings. We soon made our way back to the house for prayer stations. The whole house was filled with peaceful music and we completed the activities to help us to forget our worries and stresses. After the prayer stations, we met up in the lounge where an entertaining evening ensued.

This trip has given me time to forget my worries and focus on myself and those around me. I have made new friendships and unforgettable memories. I’m thankful to everyone who was a part of the experience for such a wonderful weekend. We look forward to future trips.

Jamal Martins writes:

As advertised the weekend was a chance to retreat from the stresses of everyday college life. I found it to be relaxing and joyful. The weekend had various activities fitted into it, from watching films to going to the beach; we also had a lot of time to just think about things in peace and understand ourselves more, something that if you’re a busy person can be hard to achieve.

Overall it was a brilliant weekend and I would definitely go again.