Twenty Sociology students visited London for three days and two nights during the summer term and it was such a resounding success that we are already planning for 2016! We kicked off our visit with an afternoon at the London Dungeons, which students laughed (and screamed) their way around. Emotions continued to run high but turned to tears after our theatre trip that evening. Les Miserables was a hit with all the students, a number of whom were visibly moved by the talent and the storyline. As sociologists we are always interested in how society changes over time, and so a look back through history at the Tower of London was brilliant for all lower sixth sociologists.

All the students had a fabulous time, and most particularly enjoyed exploring the delights of Camden Market and Covent Garden with their friends. Mrs Buckley and Miss Mills enjoyed themselves almost as much, and our students were a credit to Loreto! We look forward to meeting our new lower sixth and offering them a repeat of this exciting opportunity to visit our capital city. Some of the student feedback from the trip:

It felt less like a college trip and more like a fun visit with friends, somewhere you wanted to be. The activities were so fun and I had an amazing time!” Pippa Hartley

“Best educational trip! We had a great balance of sightseeing and free time. The best bit was seeing Les Mis because Pippa cried and her make up ran for miles. It was such a funny and enjoyable experience, I’d go back again.” Sophie Sing Hayer

Made some great memories, with great people” Abbie Wilson

“You two are the best dressed teachers I’ve been on a trip with, you don’t wear anoraks!” Jess Thurston