On Monday 25th June, on an incredibly hot afternoon, the Social Justice Group joined students from Loreto High School, Chorlton, in taking part in CAFOD’s Share the Journey Campaign. The group walked the 2.4 miles from Loreto High School in Chorlton back to Loreto College to stand in solidarity with those who are forced to flee and seek refuge.

CAFOD are challenging us to walk 24,900 miles – the distance around the whole world. By joining in, students are showing they care about the millions of people – twenty every minute – forced to flee their homes and make desperate journeys in search of refuge.

By joining the Share the Journey campaign, launched by Pope Francis, our students can step up and step out in solidarity with our global neighbours. Their commitment to help walk the world will show world leaders meeting for crucial discussions in September how much it matters to all of us that refugees and migrants are treated with dignity and respect.

During the walk we paused at several points and the students shared real life experiences of refugees and migrants that CAFOD had provided, and we took time to reflect, and to pray for those in such difficult situations

As a group we were able to add a total of 55.2 miles to the CAFOD totalizer and of the experience, Libby, from G4, said, “I liked the walk; it was good and made us think about things in a different way and understand a little of the stories of others and that we might be able to help.” Zeerik, in Year 9 at Loreto High School, said, ” I felt really good being part of the walk, I feel that I was part of something bigger by helping to make people aware that there are human stories behind the numbers.”

Well done to everyone involved!