We are delighted to share that 5 of our students have their work on display in the virtual exhibition ”Fake News”. This exhibition is hosted by the Sixth Form Colleges Association from 1st to 22nd July 2021 on their gallery website here or for the full link: CLICK HERE

Launching the exhibition, Bill Watkin, Chief Executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, said:
“The Fake News exhibition is a celebration of the arts and a recognition of the excellence in sixth form colleges, which are a vital supply pipeline of talented artists. But it also highlights how young people feel about having to navigate the vast amount of news and information that is available in the modern world, and at the same time, to discern what is the truth. Art has always played an important role in social and political commentary, and the students featured in Fake News have shown they have the talent to communicate their feelings about this important subject in a powerful and effective way”.  #6thFormArt2021 #visualarts #amazingstudents #talent #artexhibition

In addition to this, the BBC have today released a shortlist of work and 1 of our 5 finalists was selected in their gallery. Congratulations to Barnaby Wilkinson for his piece ‘Artificial Intelligence’ being selected. You can see the BBC shortlist by CLICKING HERE