Selecting only three physics students to put forward for the Ogden Trust’s School Physicist of the Year was a hard task given this year’s strong AS cohort.

After much deliberation, the original list was whittled down to Noah Robinson, Georgia Bradshaw and James Sweeney. Noah, an ex-Chorlton High School pupil, has shown a deep and sustained interest in the subject, as demonstrated by his attendance at a variety of extracurricular events during the year, his achievement in obtaining a Bronze award in the Physics Olympiad and his proposed involvement in a Nuffield summer project and a plasma physics project next year.
Georgia Bradshaw, who came to Loreto from Newman College, has shown a consistent curiosity about the subject, which has motivated her to explore ideas outside the scope of the syllabus and to think deeply about the implications of some of the more conceptually difficult areas.
James Sweeney, once of St James High School, is commended for his exceptional ability to communicate his understanding of abstract concepts and for his willingness to help other students overcome problems. The awards were presented at Manchester University’s School of Physics and Astronomy by Dr Eamonn Kerins, following a fascinating presentation on the search for exoplanets