Loreto is once again celebrating the successes of the 59 students who will be taking up their places at university to study Medicine (50), Dentistry (8) Veterinary Science (1). The students will be studying for their professions in a medical, dental and veterinary schools, across the United Kingdom.

During their time at Loreto, all students aspiring to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science are guided and supported by highly experienced staff at Loreto as they negotiate the demanding path of application to medical school at university. They join a bespoke programme designed to give Loreto students the best possible chance of gaining a coveted place.

A new initiative by the students, this year also saw the first publication of the Loreto Medical Journal, a research based journal, written by Loreto students.  Below are the successful students. Including twins Neel and Nirali Vyas who came to Loreto from New Charter Academy and are now both going to Leeds University to study Medicine. They said ” we chose Loreto College as it is a great college, the support we got was amazing”. We also asked how they felt about going to the same university and course as brother and sister, they simply said “we have been through high school and college together, so it will not be any different”. We wish them every success.

Loreto Students – Medicine:

  1. Khalil Abdulrauf from the Co-operative Academy of Manchester (Leeds)
  2. Mohammad Hamza Afzaal from Abraham Moss Community School (Brighton & Sussex)
  3. Uyiosa Aghahowa from Trinity C of E High School (Lancaster)
  4. Daisy Ayomide Aje from St Ambrose Barlow (Liverpool)
  5. Lutfi Al-Qaiisa from Stretford Grammar School (Manchester)
  6. Yazeed Hasan Alrayani from Manchester Academy (Liverpool)
  7. Manisha Bhondi from Cheadle Hulme High School (Newcastle)
  8. Ashleigh Blood from Urmston Grammar School (Leeds University)
  9. Quefa Carter from Manchester Creative and Media Academy (Manchester )
  10. Awais Chaudhary from Droylsden Academy (Exeter )
  11. Kaoutar Darouache from Stretford High School (UCL)
  12. Hamza Ehsan from Newman RC College (Nottingham)
  13. Aimee Fisher from St Phillip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy (Hull York Medical School)
  14. Ronan Fitzgerald from The Manchester Grammar School (Cardiff)
  15. Muhanned Hamed from Kassim Darwish Grammar School (Liverpool)
  16. Fawzhiah Haque from Hyde Community College (Manchester )
  17. Hiba Hussain from Whalley Range 11-16 High School from Girls (Manchester)
  18. Alina Imran from Levenshulme High School (Leeds)
  19. Abdulrahman Irhouma from Stretford Grammar School (Manchester)
  20. Mahsa Kabuli from Trinity C of E High School (Nottingham)
  21. Ange Kansci from St Matthew’s RC High School (Birmingham)
  22. Harpreet Kaur from Chorlton High School (Leeds)
  23. Alina Khan from Manchester Communication Academy (Manchester)
  24. Mariyah Khan from Whalley Range 11-16 High School for Girls (Manchester)
  25. Hannah Lorraine-Francis from St Ambrose Barlow (Sheffield)
  26. Puteri Ma from Urmston Grammar School (Edinburgh)
  27. Mubashar Nadeem from New Charter Academy (Hull York Medical School)
  28. Charmaine Ncube from Cedar Mount Academy (Liverpool)
  29. Caitlin Nolan from Priestnall School (Manchester)
  30. Hanan Nur from Manchester Academy (Manchester)
  31. Yasmin Oskui from overseas (Manchester)
  32. Kate Owen from Priestnall School (Birmingham)
  33. Olivia Owen from Our Lady’s High School (St Andrew’s)
  34. Kristine Plange from St Matthew’s High School (Leicester)
  35. Fajar Rana from Whalley Range 11 -18 High School(Lancaster) 
  36. Nahrin Raza from Levenshulme High School (Manchester)
  37. Ivana Richardson from St Peter’s RC High School (Newcastle)
  38. Rabia Rubbab from Abraham Moss Community School (Birmingham)
  39. Ekaterina Savenya from The Barlow High School (Leeds)
  40. Sufiyan Shabir from Abraham Moss Community School (Liverpool)
  41. Jeel Shukla from Droylsden Academy (Manchester)
  42. Zuzanna Skolik From Wright Robinson College (Cardiff)
  43. Krishna Udani from Fairfield High School for Girls (Lancaster)
  44. Sonia Utulu from Cedar Mount Academy (Leicester)
  45. Samyak Verma from  Stretford Grammar School (Aberdeen)
  46. Neel Vyas from New Charter Academy (Leeds)
  47. Nirali Vyas from New Charter Academy (Leeds)
  48. Rosie Wetton from Cheadle Hulme High School (Sheffield)
  49. Majed Yousif from St Paul’s RC High School  (Aberdeen)
  50. Samy Youssef from

Loreto Students – Dentistry:

  1. Ali Ahmed from The Kingsway School (Cardiff)
  2. Zackaria Habashi from Abraham Moss Community School (Newcastle)
  3. Zhakia Haque from Hyde Community College (Newcastle)
  4. Bilal Hassan from Trinity C of E High School (Manchester)
  5. Umme-Sarwana Khan from Whalley Range 11-16 High School for Girls (Manchester)
  6. Alice McNorton from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School (Liverpool)
  7. Muhammed Ranjha from Hulme Hall Grammar School (Newcastle)
  8. Syeda Tirmzi from Whalley Range 11 -18 High School (Manchester)

Loreto Students – Veterinary Medicine:

  1. Blossom Hibbert from Withington Girls School (Nottingham)

Loreto Students – Biomedical/Medical/Clinical Sciences:

  1. Zoe Deka from Middleton Technology School (UCLAN)
  2. Ella John from Urmston Grammar School (King’s College London)
  3. Umar Mohyuddin from Stretford Grammar School (Bradford)
  4. Hina Naeem from Wright Robinson College (Bradford)
  5. Muhammad Sheroz from Burnage Academy for Boys (Bradford)