The netball team have continued their winning streak by beating Aquinas College in a one-goal thriller. This was the team’s first away game, making the short trip over to Stockport. In the final minutes of the game Players’ POTM, Isabelle Tyler, made a match-winning intercept to prevent Aquinas from equalising. This victory sees the netball team win all three of their matches.

The game started as it finished – intense, closely contested and physical. Loreto started off better of the two teams and managed to gain a 0-4 lead, before Aquinas quickly found their form, finishing the quarter 5-5. The physical defence of Aquinas seemed to unsettle Loreto and changes were made in the second quarter.

Going into the second quarter, Kemi Onsanya moved to WA and Olivia Hickey moved into GS combining with captain Freya Coggins at GA, to counteract the physicality of Aquinas’ defence. Jasmine McAvoy was as magnificent as ever, making crucial interceptions at critical times for Loreto and was awarded coaches and oppositions POTM – her ability to read the game and completely shut down an opponent for a whole game is quite simply, outstanding. The second quarter finished 11-10 in Aquinas’ favour.

The third quarter saw more changes made, with Daisy Shea coming on at WA and Kemi Onasanya moving into GA. Aimee Knight moved to WD and made an immediate impact, shutting down Aquinas’ WA and disrupting their flow. Once again, Giselle Yeboah and Jasmine McAvoy were relentless and tenacious in defence, not giving Aquinas’ shooters an inch. The presence of Olivia Hickey in at GS gave Loreto a different option in the shooting circle, with the attacking trio of Kemi Onasanya, Grace McAvoy and Daisy Shea making some sublime passes into the GS. The third quarter finished 15-13 to Aquinas.

Heading into the fourth and final quarter, Loreto had work to do. They were down by two goals and Aquinas had the first centre pass. More changes were made in the final quarter with Lily Berry coming on at WA and Freya Coggins coming back on at GS – her calmness and ability to shoot under pressure was much appreciated by her teammates in the final moments! Aquinas capitalised on their first centre pass, but it wasn’t long before the defensive trio of Giselle Yeboah, Isabelle Tyler and Jasmine McAvoy were completely disrupting this. Clever through court play from Grace McAvoy, Lily Berry and Kemi Onasanya ensured that Loreto capitalised on these turnovers, clawing back the lead. In the final minutes, Loreto were up by two goals and a penalty shot on the buzzer meant the Aquinas managed to get back within one goal.

Although it was not Loreto’s finest netball performance, the team showed great resilience and composure under pressure. The game was a close contest and the team demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship. Due to inujry Grace O’Shaunessy did not play in the match, but made the trip to support the team, showing great team spirit!

The final score finished: Aquinas College 20 – 21 Loreto College

Squad: Olivia Hickey, Giselle Yeboah, Jasmine McAvoy (POTM), Isabelle Tyler (PPOTM), Aimee Knight, Grace McAvoy, Daisy Shea, Lily Berry, Kemi Onasanya and Freya Coggins.