Loreto Physics Department celebrated National Women in Engineering Day, 23rd June, by attending a fascinating informal networking morning at JACOBS Engineering Consultancy.

JACOBS is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical and management services. They offer a full spectrum of consultancy support to commercial, government and industrial clients across many sectors.

Girls from Loreto College, and other local colleges, met with women from JACOBS at their impressive First Street office in the heart of Manchester. Students heard from women working in various sectors including civil engineering, quantity surveying and environmental assessment. A speed-meet session allowed girls the opportunity to find out about the reality of working in engineering, and they were inspired to hear about the diversity involved in the work and the satisfaction of finding solutions and delivering successful projects. Fun was had when the girls competed to build the tallest structure which could hold a marsh mellow out of only spaghetti, sellotape and string!