The Loreto Art Department student collective, MINT, had a fantastic opportunity to sell their work at the Frost Fair, held in December at the Whitworth Art Gallery. This was an excellent opportunity for them to gain insight into the reality of life as an artist or designer, and to get a sense of the commercial viability of their work. They were extremely successful, receiving many compliments and making a tidy profit. They were selling alongside professional artists, who were impressed by the quality of work, and generous in their praise of the Loreto contribution.

Loreto Photography teacher Rhona Delaney-Willis commented: “I have been so impressed with the quality of work produced by the students and the way they represented MINT collective at the Whitworth. It was pleasing to hear so many people say that they would never have known it was student work.”

Fine Art and Textiles student Martha Davenport-Wilson, observed: “It was a great experience and I can’t believe how much we sold!”