The college is justifiably proud of the guidance we offer to aspiring medics as they negotiate the demanding path of application to medical school at university. Mrs Winn and her team operate a bespoke programme designed to give Loreto students the best possible chance of gaining a coveted place.

Part of that programme in the early part of the academic year saw a number of ex-Loreto students, all now studying medicine at university, return to the college to take part in a Q&A session with our latest batch of potential medics. Jess Crawford and Akhil Lathki, both now at Manchester University, Naa Quaye from Cardiff and Jake Winterbottom, in his second year at Sheffield, were pleased to share their experiences with our current students, and to offer advice on the application and interview process. Mrs Winn was particularly delighted that another ex-Loreto medic, Tara McKelvey, not able to attend because she is studying at St Andrews in Scotland, took the trouble to record her own Q&A session on video which we were able to use at the Loreto event. This shows a splendid commitment to the college and perhaps hints at some of the qualities that have enabled Tara to be so successful.

Other recent meetings included a talk from the Admissions Tutor at Manchester University Medical School and an information session on how to come by that all important work experience and voluntary work needed to support the application.