To celebrate the values of our foundress, Mary Ward. Each year we devote a day of fun filled activities for all students and staff. This year was no different, 2800 students attended 45 activities on Mary Ward Day.

Students were offered a wide range of activities that help us come together as a community to remember and celebrate Mary Ward Values. There were out of college visits to places varying from Chester Zoo, Ice Skating and York to Mam Tor and The Imperial War Museum. In college, there were political debates, Mediterranean cookery classes, computer programming plus many more. Students had the opportunity meet new people, make new friends and experience something completely different and the value of Joy was abundant on the day. Students were asked to comment on what they enjoyed about the day and what the leaned about themselves. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The theme of Justice was explored through a series of activities, including a film-led activity, based on the film The Freedom Writers and a visit to the Imperial War Museum. Student comment included: I have learned that diversity shouldn’t put a barrier between people. It doesn’t matter what race and religion you follow you are human being and have to get your right of life in this world.

Some activities explored the Truth about nature, namely visits to Smithills Farm and Chester Zoo. Truths about computer game morality, science and the world were explored through activities such as Sensual Science and debating activity.

Students commented: I’ve gained better articulation skills and improved communication skills. Participating in activities with other people can be thoroughly enjoyable.

A number of our students explored truths about history and society, through visits to the towns of Liverpool, Leeds York and Lancaster Castle

Sincerity and freedom often involve expressing ourselves in the discovery of our gifts and talents; this included learning and developing Dance and theatre skills, swimming and Ice Skating skills, mountain climbing, , skateboarding and crocheting. Comments included: I’m actually fairly confident asking for help and making new friends. That slow and steadily I can learn if I put my mind to it and that I can also help others. 

The value of Joy appears to be the overriding value experienced by most of our students whether they were on or off the College campus. Student comments:

It was very fun, thank you for organising this day.