Students celebrate becoming the first in the College to be certified as Carbon Literate.


The students pictured above with Loreto College Principal Mr Jaffrain and course teacher Ms Breeze, worked through a course accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project which runs training for organisations and big-name employers such as the BBC, NHS and the Peel Group.

Loreto College ran the course in pursuit of its aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2035 and to equip Loreto students with a top-quality environmental education. Ms Breeze said the students were highly engaged and committed: “The training encouraged students to think critically about their own carbon footprints while also considering wider environmental concerns. For many this has resulted in a change of behaviour to enable them not only to reduce their own carbon emissions, but to inspire others to do the same.”

The course covered a broad range of topics, including climate change science, sustainable transportation, waste management, and energy efficiency. By acquiring carbon literacy, individuals develop a strong foundation to make informed choices about their daily practices and promote sustainable behaviours in various aspects of life.

The majority of the Carbon Literacy students are studying A level Geography which has climate change and sustainability as a theme throughout the course. From September 2023 all Loreto students will be undertaking Carbon Literacy designed Manchester Metropolitan University which will be taught in RE lessons as a way of making every student prepared to deal with the challenge of global warming.

Mr Jaffrain, who presented certificates to the students, said: “I am so proud of our students and their contribution to environmental and sustainability matters.  At Loreto College, we encourage our students to become responsible global citizens and agents of social change, committed to building a better world. I look forward to all the new developments and initiatives that will take place this academic year!”