Loreto College 5, Xaverian College 1:

The first ten minutes was a constant battle with both sides losing and regaining possession until a great cross from Alex Mutyambizi met the head of Loreto’s centre back, Dan, and hit the back of the net. Loreto did not wait too long to attack again, with their striker, Sam Agbiji, breaking through Xaverian’s defence to put Loreto 2-0 up. With the two goal lead Loreto calmly controlled the rest of the first half and finished it off with Alex Mutyambizi claiming the third goal.

Composed and calm, Loreto started the second half by keeping possession which lead towards a perfectly placed pass from Matty Purcell to assist Alex Mutyambizi with his second goal. Another ten minutes passed before Loreto’s centre forward, Stephen Medoye, stunned everyone with an over-head kick from the edge of the eighteen yard box that hit the top right corner to extend Loreto’s lead. With the final touch of the game, Xaverian had an attempt on goal which was finished off by Xaverian’s winger to finish off the game at 5-1.

Loreto now continue on to the Playoff semi-finals. Man of the match went to the goalkeeper Sohaib Tantouch.