Loreto College’s Geography students gained insights into hazard management at a talk by disaster expert Ilan Kelman (pictured above with our students) at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Talking about his thought-provoking book, “Disaster by Choice,” Professor Kelman shared his insights into the complex world of disaster management and decision-making.
The professor, who is a renowned expert in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, focused on how disasters are shaped by human choices, challenging conventional notions that frame them as inevitable natural events. He argued that with the most appropriate management systems disasters can be avoided.
The talk gave the geographers valuable insights into the concept of hazards which is a key topic in the A level course which covers the management of tectonic hazards including earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as meteorological events such as hurricanes and wildfires.
The Loreto College students left the event with a greater appreciation for the role of decision-making in disaster scenarios and with an insight into an exciting geography-related career.