‘I support GCW 2023 because it is very important to build a greener and sustainable world for the future.’
As part of the Green Careers Week 2023, Loreto’s Career Department hosted a Green Careers Drop-in, which gave our students the opportunity to chat about sustainability. The team threw in a few complimentary donuts too, which helped to keep the chat flowing. Students were told about the wide range of Green Careers available and degree courses too.
Our students talked passionately about their drive towards a greener future. Their interests in Zoology, Biology and Geography was clearly evident, as they happily talked about courses they were interested in and careers they wished to pursue. Our favourite top sustainability tips from students included: ‘Reduce palm oil and red meat intake’, ‘Donate old clothes to charity’ and ‘Grow your own fruits and vegetables’.
The quotes featured are from some of the students we spoke to.
‘Our earth has been disrespected for too long, we need to preserve its beauty for other future generations to enjoy.’