The Loreto Philosophy Society’s first talk of the year was led by our own Head of RE and Theology, Mr Vaughan, speaking on the ‘Use and Misuse of the Bible’. A key theme of the talk was how a strict word for word interpretation of the Bible can lead to conflicts with science and can be difficult to apply to real life. Mr Vaughan explained how the different books of the Bible can be interpreted in different ways and that this has been recognised since the very early Church. It was suggested that viewing the Bible in this way helps counter some of the criticisms levelled at Christianity by the likes of famous atheist Richard Dawkins.

Mr Vaughan went on to describe how key events in history, such as the reformation and the enlightenment, have influenced how the Bible is used and understood. The talk ended by considering how the Bible relates to some of the most contemporary moral issues being faced in the world today, relating especially to the approach of Pope Francis.

The Philosophy Society runs throughout the year and hosts various visiting speakers covering a range of fascinating topics.