Loreto College’s Film Studies had the pleasure of hosting an incredible guest speaker this month. The esteemed Col Goudie BFE is a highly regarded and respected feature film editor with a career spanning over 40 years. Col has edited everything from 16mm film to Digital 65mm and has cut films in big studios, hotel rooms, and even tin shacks! Col is most recently known for editing “Tetris” (2023), the Roald Dahl Biopic “To Olivia” (2021), “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (with John Gilroy and Jabez Olsen) 2016, and the multi-award-winning “Monsters” (2010). Col has been openly working as a non-binary editor since 2019 and very generously gave up their time to share their experience and knowledge with our students.

We were treated to an incredibly valuable talk on Col’s career, and the secrets and tricks at play in the world of feature film editing. Students and teachers alike were dazzled by behind-the-scenes clips, re-cuts of rushes, as well as a whistle-stop tour of editing history and Col’s vast film knowledge. The fact that the session ran over, and we had to actively eject our students, is a testament to both Col’s sparkling personality and just how amazing an experience this was. Thank you so much, Col!