For many, the idea of standing up in front of hundreds of people and making a speech is one that fills them with dread. But for member of Youth Parliament, this is a requirement. Debating around proposed motions to represent the voice of young people all across the United Kingdom, presided over by the speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow.

Representing the North West was Loreto student Elijah Walter-Othman. He was addressing the house on the motion of work experience hubs. He spoke passionately and honestly about the importance of valid and substantial work experience for all, it should be equitable. He did not want to see experiences differ across the country because of a difference in post codes. Elijah said:

“speaking in Parliament was such an honour, it was a childhood dream that I had and to be the representative voice for the north west was a very proud moment for me”

Elijah will be finishing his A levels this year. He hopes to go to University and aspires to work for the United Nations or in politics, working to help those in need and make the changes that will benefit societies for generations to come.


You can see Elijah’s full speech in Parliament by clicking here.