Written by Loreto College performing arts student ambassador Maria Collins.

As aspiring performers wanting to go to drama school in the near future, any opportunity of taking part in an experience with such a prestigious school like LAMDA will be welcomed to any drama fanatic. The constant buzz of energy throughout the 3-hour workshop led by Helena Lymbery (who recently starred in the Royal Exchange’s rendition of ‘Queen Margret’), assisted by Georgina Duncan and Ella Howe, was a challenging and fun opportunity organised for us by the Loreto performing arts department. We explored a character’s motivations, delving into what they hold inside through improvisation activities whilst receiving direct and personalised feedback within the performance gave us great confidence. Many students in the group (including me) intend to audition for drama school and this was such a great experience.

The internal and external considerations for character development that we applied in the workshop gave us a taster of the training gave a broad insight to the demands of a drama school, notwithstanding the information given around the financial aspect to a LAMDA course. 

Having a recent graduate (Georgina Duncan – soon to be seen in the new Downton Abbey film), who was from Manchester herself, addressed this particular concern as she explained her experience with the finance, training and competitive job situation within a closing question and answer session where all concerns from the group were addressed, discussed and explained thoroughly and helpfully.

We truly have confidence now in the idea that training and furthering our career as performers is accessible for those who truly want it and is undoubtedly something that LAMDA offers.

Thankyou to the department and for LAMDA for the first of many workshops and opportunities with internally acclaimed drama schools and professional artists.