Ex Loreto Performing arts student, Kyle Rowe (now graduate of Arts Educational drama school) has been back in Manchester this week on National tour with Box of Tricks theatre company in a new play ‘Under three Moons’ by Daniel Kanaber.

The play follows two men (Michael and Paul) at three points in their lives 1999, 2009 and 2019.
Running at 175 mins without an interval, the 30 years on stage is skilfully presented and is a touching story about growing up, masculinity and struggling to reconcile the two.

Both Kyle and Darren gave heartfelt performances, playing the troubled characters with great maturity and precision. The play is very funny at times too, the comedy timing and working relationship of the pair was excellent.

It has been a busy year for Kyle with a premiere theatre production in London and filming alongside Maxine Peake in Matthew Dunster’s ‘Judy’, preparing for such an intense production has been an exciting challenge.

Following a run at The Lowry Theatre, under three moons is off to Huddersfield next and on to Liverpoool. Catch it while you can!


Kyle’s performing arts teacher, Danny Price, Head of Performing Arts at Loreto saw the show, he said “ever since Kyle performed in the Loreto production of Our Country’s Good, I knew he was destined for a career in theatre and film and it is great to see that he is realising his dreams. This play is not easy for an actor and he performed the part brilliantly. I am very proud of him. We all are”

Under Three Moons