Whether you’d like to admit it or not, knitting is a past time many of us enjoy. Relaxing and easy to get the hang of, knitting is more commonly something the older generation likes to indulge in; but it’s not just for your grandma. Now, something so simple and enjoyable can make a difference. You can actively make an impact as Loreto College has a knitting group started up by Roah in the aid of the charity Knit-a-Square.

KnittingKnit-a-Square was founded in October 2008 and is in support of orphaned, abused or abandoned children in South Africa, those who lack love, warmth, shelter, food and education- luxuries we all take for granted. The aim of Knit-a-Square is to provide blankets for children in South Africa who suffer at high altitudes due to the cold temperatures. It is vital to keep a child with HIV/AIDS warm as being warm ensures they stay well. Without these blankets, it’s impossible for these children living in dire poverty to keep warm day and night. This is a hidden tragedy which often goes unnoticed. You can help.

Getting involved is simple. The giveaway is in its name- all you have to do is knit a square 20cmx20cm. The squares are sent off and joined with other knitters’ contributions from across the world. Handmade gifts are always so much more special and packed with love, so to a sick child in poverty a handmade blanket will be more than enough to put a smile on their faces. And ours. Thanks to Roah and her group of knitters who ‘made a difference’ by meeting together to knit squares last year in their lunchtimes.

Visit their website for free patterns and to donate, or contact Mrs Winn for more information.