During the week beginning the 4th February, Loreto was privileged enough to be able to host the Lee House exhibition, Journey to Freedom.

Journey to Freedom tells the real-life stories of three individuals who have been victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking. Walking through the exhibition, with a headset to listen to, participants are taken on their three journeys as they are trapped and forced to work unpaid in their attempt to settle in the UK before finally receiving help and freedom.

The aim of the exhibition is to develop awareness, understanding and empathy for people who have been forced into slavery in the 21st century. Students came down to the exhibit in Ball Theatre during General RE lessons and over 920 staff and students were able to experience the exhibition during its week at Loreto.

Staff and student feedback was incredibly positive with Journey to Freedom being described as, ‘important, ‘emotional’ and ‘enlightening’. Reflecting on the experience one Upper Sixth student said, ‘It was tough to hear at some points but worthwhile’. Another student commented, ‘It was emotional but important’.

Journey to Freedom was a powerful and eye-opening experience for our college community.