Thursday 23rd January is a very important day in the Loreto Family calendar – it’s our foundress Mary Ward’s birthday. This year it’s the 435th anniversary of her birth, so there was plenty of birthday cake given out across campus in celebration. ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung with piano accompaniment from Mr Lloyd-Mostyn (Loreto’s Head of Music), and a spirited rendition lead by a group of students on boomwhackers*, which we know Mary Ward would have loved!

Mass was celebrated for the beatification of Mary Ward – the start of the journey to becoming a saint in the Catholic church – by a former Loreto student Fr. Michael Coughlan. The Mass was followed by a party for Mary Ward with balloons, bunting, food, and yes, more cake!

Happy birthday Mary Ward!


*Boomwhackers are musical instruments made out of lightweight, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tubes, which are tuned to musical pitches by their length.