Students have been completing their winter internal exams over the last week in college. The exams, invigilated and organised just like the summer external examinations provide an excellent opportunity for  students to put their hard work and skills developed so far to the test. They have prepared solidly for these assessments and will be able to use them to reflect on their progress to date and create suitable action plans for their development in each subject of study.

Preparation is vital to success and students have been putting into practice their revision skills and methods to ensure that they make the most of this opportunity.

The entire student body will receive their Results on 6th February 2017. This results day will give them excellent preparation, not only for the remaining months of study, but also for results day in August 2017.

One student said “it has really helped me focus and joins together everything that we have studied so far on the course, I don’t think anyone likes exams, but at least by practising them, they’re not so daunting” Another said: “it has shown me how much work and preparation is needed to get ready for an exam. I will definitely start revising earlier for the summer exams”

Danny Price, Head of Curriculum said “We hope that all students have found the Pre-Public exams a useful tool for students to apply themselves and prepare for the unique pressures of sitting an exam”.