Student Chloe Kayes reports:

After an early start at Piccadilly Station we arrived safely in London and caught the tube to Wembley Arena (a new experience for some). We took our seats amongst the 9,993 other people in the arena. Flame opened with a thought provoking monologue about the journeys that refugees take to flee their countries. This was performed from a boat that carried 37 refugees across the Mediterranean to the island of Lampedusa. Refugees were one of the main themes of the event and we were asked to reflect upon how we would feel if we had to flee our country for our lives.

Through the rest of the day we experienced some amazing worship, with Matt Redman leading the music. And to quote one of his songs, we certainly did ‘sing like never before’!

Other times we were asked to reflect and pray about what God wants us to do with our lives and how we can use our skills to do the work of God.

We listened to many brilliant speakers, including Mike Pilavachi, Sarah Teather, Cardinal Charles Bo from Myanmar and Cardinal Vincent Nichols of the UK. This mix of speakers reminded us of how loved and valued we are by God, how He gave us so many gifts and talents and that we can use these to bless and give to other people. They also reminded us of the effects we can have on this earth and how we can help to support and accept refugees and make them feel loved.

We listened to some beautiful music from the One Hope project, and watched a thought provoking drama from Rise Theatre, reminding us that God is with us in everything that we do and is always supporting us every step of the way.

Joel even got his very own new dance craze started on the Wembley stage, which was very exciting.

But my favourite part of the day, and the memory that I think I will probably take away with me most, was David Wells talking to us. He reminded us that God loves us for who we are no matter what we have done. And that to Him we are so precious and valued. And that we should remember this and reflect this in our daily lives, blessing others. What I will forever take away from Flame is ‘Let Him be your reason to sing, not so much because you believe in Him, but because He believes in you. 10,000 times and over.’ Flame was amazing and I have learnt and been reminded of things that I will never forget.