Theology and Ethics students at Loreto are given every opportunity to engage in wider debate on the fundamental issues covered in the course. Students visit conferences and universities and the department invites guest speakers to come to college and work with our students. AS student Robert Haslem describes one such event.

Last month Loreto theology students were given the opportunity to utilise their studies in the field of ethics by applying them to challenging contemporary issues. Visiting speakers from St Mary’s university, Professor Trevor Stammers and Leonora Butau, lead sessions on each issue, provoking discussion within the audience leading to engaging debates. Leonora Butau gave an insightful presentation on the ‘Theology of the body’ and the rapidly growing scientific field of new eugenics, with the question of how spirituality and religious ethics can respond to a controversial practice regarding the sanctity of life. Professor Stammers lead a talk on Aquinas’ Natural Law, a Christian theory students have studied, and how effective it is when judging issues like homosexuality. He then gave a thought provoking session on the morality surrounding euthanasia and whether the argument of free will can be used to justify its practice. Many thanks to our two visiting speakers for coming and highlighting the importance and understanding of ethics in our modern world.