Loreto College is a Catholic Sixth Form College established to serve the needs of 16-19 year old Catholic students in the surrounding areas. The College accesses a number of 16-19 year old students of other faiths and non-faiths who are sympathetic to the Catholic ethos. The College serves the needs of students with learning differences and disabilities and provides open access to appropriate programmes and courses. Upon entry to the College all students have equality of opportunity.

The College will ensure that the curriculum and teaching delivery will be planned to maintain equality of opportunity for all students and that all materials used will be free from any discriminatory assumptions, images, language and stereotyping.

Within the tutorial programme, students will be provided with information about the full Equal Opportunities Policy and their role and rights as a Loreto student.

The College will ensure that there are no barriers which might inhibit any student from lodging an appeal against any alleged contravention of the Policy.

Please click here to read the current Single Equality Scheme or study the college’s Equality Objectives.