Loreto’s second annual Engineering Speed Meet was recently held in college.

The event saw twelve professional engineers from a wide range of disciplines come into college for the evening; from chemical engineering students to water treatment engineers, satellite technologists to designers of mass spectrometers.

The evening gave Loreto students and Year 11 students from Chorlton High School the opportunity to ask the engineers about the career path that had lead them to their current role; the qualifications they took at A level and university, the skills they use, the wide range of roles available and the surprising realities of their day-to-day jobs.

Before the Speed Meet students had an opportunity to explore the engineering possibilities of spaghetti, with a competition to build a bridge capable of supporting the maximum load.

Feedback from both the engineers and the students was overwhelmingly positive, with many new perspectives on future careers.

Engineering Your Future

Coincidentally, two days later,  thirteen Loreto students got the opportunity to spend a day at Siemens plc in a series of workshops run by the Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET).

This event provided a valuable in-depth experience of engineering in practice, and was over-subscribed.