On Thursday 7th July the college was honoured to hold the 10th Dick Camplin Trust Award presentation. 13 students received a £1000 scholarship to help support them with their first year of studies at university. This event was attended by past scholars, current scholars, their family and friends and supporters of the Trust.

David Camplin, spoke about the Trust and the successes of many past scholars , many of whom have now graduated, helped and nurtured not only by the financial support but also as result of the subsequent mentoring opportunities they have received. Jasmine Nisic, a former student of Loreto College and a Dick Camplin scholar from 2013 who has just graduated from Manchester University with a first class honours degree in Maths gave an inspirational talk about her experiences at University. Jasmine was brought up in the 10th most disadvantaged borough in the country but has demonstrated that she has been able to succeed academically at the highest level. She shared with the audience the vast range of extra- curricular experiences she had been able to access whilst at University, some with the support of the Dick Camplin Trust . The emphasis of her talk was on encouraging the new scholars to embrace the opportunities provided by the trust and to take advantage of the mentoring and guidance provided .

There was a special award for Jasmine which was the Peter Collins Award for postgraduate study .She will be starting her Masters in Applied Mathematics in September after she has completed an internship with Sapient Global Markets in London.

Ms Clynch , college principal congratulated and thanked David for raising over £200,000 in the last 10 years and all of the scholars past and present who have benefited from these awards. She said the difference the Dick Camplin Trust makes to this lives and futures of these Loreto students is immeasurable and we are enormously thankful to David for his dedication and support of these young people.’

Dick Camplin scholars for 2016 are:- Byan Abu Dakke, Shereef Adewale, Leyah Agathogli, Akuma Asad, Francesca Barnes, Qasim Benelhag, Jay Carroll, Jessica Jackson, Kes McNicholas, Nabihah Malik, Mi riam Midi, Maisie Palmer, Jamie Sesay