Loreto College is a community that takes great pride in its diversity and promotes harmony and friendship among its students. Recently, we organised a Cultural Appreciation Week to celebrate our diversity, where we served food from different parts of the world in our cafeterias. The week also included daily activities such as quizzes and opportunities for students to share their personal experiences related to their culture, and enjoy tasty free treats from different parts of the world. Loreto students have always shown a keen interest in justice, so they were given the opportunity to donate to a different international charity each day.

On the final day of the celebratory week, students were invited to wear cultural attire. It was a delight to see the vibrant colours and fabrics around campus and students admiring each other’s beautiful clothes. We also hosted a lunchtime concert featuring live performances of classic Manchester anthems from Joy Division, James, Courteeners, and Oasis, which was enjoyed by all.

The students participated in a poetry competition, expressing their thoughts on diversity and what they love about it. The entries were inspiring, and the winners will be announced over the coming weeks.

Loreto’s Cultural Appreciation Week perfectly illustrates the College’s values, especially Freedom, Sincerity, Internationality and Joy.


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