RE at Loreto makes a significant contribution to our student’s personal development. It also plays a key role in promoting social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, which are imperative in our diverse community. This knowledge leads them to have a greater awareness of how beliefs influence lives. They learn how to make connections and comparisons with different areas of study, developing and constructing arguments using sources and contextually accurate specialist language as evidence to support points of views. In the light of religious teaching, students compare and explain responses, coherently presenting arguments that show awareness of other points of view. This enables them to analyse and deconstruct different debates within Theology, Philosophy and Ethics ensuring that they develop the cultural capital to become knowledge-rich citizens of the future.

This is a two-year course in Religious and Moral Education. Successful completion of the course is determined by:

Regular attendance – Students must be present for every lesson unless they are absent from college due to illness or any other authorised reason.

Attitude to Lessons – Students are expected to engage actively in lessons through participation in class discussion and group work.

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