Entry requirements

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  • Six GCSEs 9-4 (or A*-C)
  • Two from English, Maths OR Science
  • Two at least grade 6

Course specific requirements: GCSE Maths (higher tier) grade 9-8

A Level Further Mathematics

  • Are you ready to become a master problem solver using the language of mathematics?
  • Are you ready to embrace the infinite possibilities of mathematics?

A Level Further Maths continues to build on the maths learnt in Maths A level exploring more complex algebra and calculus as well as building on the applied maths.

You will experience new topics such as De Moivre’s Theorem and matrices that you have not met before in GCSE as well as building on your prior knowledge of topics like trigonometry into the calculus of inverse trigonometry and hyperbolics. In addition, you will get to develop their use of pure mathematics in a more applied setting such as the use of differential equations in mechanics.

Exam board: PEARSON


Over the course of two years you will study both A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics together in one dedicated class.

Paper 1 Pure Core Mathematics 1

Percentage of total marks: 25%
Method of assessment: Written Exam 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 2 Pure Core Mathematics 2

Percentage of total marks: 25%
Method of assessment: Written Exam 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 3 Further Mechanics 1

Percentage of total marks: 25%
Method of assessment: Written Exam 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 4 Further Mechanics 2

Percentage of total marks: 25%
Method of assessment: Written Exam 1 hour 30 minutes




You will develop excellent problem solving skills and be able to apply their gained knowledge in various scenarios. In addition, you will be able to represent your work in a logical and well thought out manner.


The careers you can go in to with Further Maths and Maths A level are wide ranging. As it is a strongly facilitating subject that is desirable in many fields. These include engineering, computing, physics, accountancy, banking, law, chemistry and economics.

Possible careers include:

  • Accountancy / Banking
  • Meteorology / Weather Forecasting
  • Insurance / Economist
  • Engineering
  • Teaching
  • Medicine / Pharmacy / Dentistry

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to study Further Maths at Loreto?

This A-level will take up at least half your lessons on your timetable, therefore you should really enjoy the subject (but frankly what is not to love) and we recommend you consider studying the subject if you are expected to get a grade 8 or 9 at Maths GCSE.

Why should I study A-level Further Maths at Loreto?

Further Maths is high recommended if you are strong at Maths and considering a degree course in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or Maths. If Maths is your favourite subject and you enjoy the subject it is a wonderful choice.

What makes the Further Maths department at Loreto so special?

We are blessed to have several highly skilled teachers who are extremely good at Mathematics, we also have a high quantity of students who wish to study the subject. This means that you are placed in a group only with other students who are studying Further Maths for Regular and Further Mathematics. You will be given questions in every lessons that will stretch and challenge you. We also have a fantastic series of Very Hard Maths questions that will help you prepare for entrance exams and degrees in related subjects.

What is the main difference between studying Further Maths and the regular Maths A-level?

In Further Maths you get to study subjects like Complex Numbers, Matrices, Centres of Mass and Circular Motion. You also get placed in a class with other Further Maths students for both the Further Maths and the Regular Maths content.

What extra support do student get?

You are set two weekly homeworks a week with short topic tests every week, this makes it very easy for students and teachers to gauge progress. If we find that students need extra support we have extra classes called SSPs that we will place you into, we also have a specific Independent Study Plan to support students if they cannot quite get the scores they are targeting on tests. In addition our fantastic teaching staff are quick to respond to any questions you may have in and out of lesson time.

Do you offer an AS in Further Mathematics?

Yes. The AS in Further Mathematics which is equivalent to half an A-level is offered to regular Maths students to pick up in the second year at Loreto if they are doing well in their other three subjects including regular Maths.