Entry requirements

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  • Six GCSEs 9-4 (or A*-C)
  • Two from English, Maths OR Science
  • Two at least grade 6

What is Applied Science?

BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Science is two year course equivalent to 1 A level. It is suitable for students who are interested in learning about science through a specialised, work-related vocational qualification.

What Will I Study?

You will cover a broad range of topics and skills from chemistry, biology and physics. There is also a large amount of practical work in this subject which will enable you to develop your laboratory skills and work safely and accurately in a work-based environment.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is a blend of coursework and exam, so this qualification will appeal to learners who prefer portfolio-based assessments which will cover a variety of scientific investigations.


This qualification gives learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes for a successful careers in the science and related industries. Whilst many students go onto university to study science-based courses, potential careers destinations include:

  • Working in a hospital as a medical technician supporting specialists
  • Working as a quality control technician in a laboratory
  • Working in a research laboratory on, for example, the development of a new pharmaceutical substance. This could include setting up apparatus, measuring and handling chemical substances, following procedures, making observations, separating and analysing products
  • Working in a forensic sciences laboratory on the analysis of samples
  • Working in a biotechnology company carrying out procedures such as fermentation


Frequently asked questions

What could you do with this course?

This course offers lots of possible progression routes, such as lots of
degree opportunities or level 3 apprenticeships. Degree options
include Biomedical Science, Audiology, Podiatry and lots of other
NHS based degree opportunities. Former students have also gone
onto degrees in Constructions, Quantity Surveying and Computer
Science. Some former students have gone onto various level 3

What are the advantages of BTEC Science?

You will be supported by expert teachers who are friendly and
knowledgeable. You will be able to look and investigate current
scientific issues and relate them to scientific theory. This course will
be assessed by both coursework and examinations. You will have
the opportunity to resit exams and be able to improve coursework.

What are the career opportunities with this course?

There are lots of opportunities such as loads of medical NHS based careers, such as Perfusionist or Associate Practitioner. This course can also lead to a wide range of scientific careers, such as Biochemist, Biomedical scientist or a role in Product Development. This course will also fit in with a wide range of other level 3 courses, and could lead to other degree and career opportunities.

What content will the course cover?

This course is split into 4 modules which covers aspects of Biology,
Chemistry and Physics. The course will also involve maths for
scientists. The course is also underpinned with important practical

What will you do in lessons?

You will do a wide range of activities to help you learn the subject
content. This will be through booklets, practical’s, and scientific

Where do the lessons take place?

You will study applied science in fully equipped purpose-built
laboratories and computer suites.

Why should you study this course?

This is an amazing course for students that love all aspects of
science and love to practical based learning. It will lead to lots of
different routes to various careers.

Who will you be taught by?

You will be taught by enthusiastic professional teachers, who all
have a love of science. Some of your teachers have worked in lots of
different scientific workplaces and can share these experiences with

What do you need to do to be successful in this course?

You need to be an organized enthusiastic student, who most
importantly loves science.

What support will students receive on this course?

You will be supported by a dedicated team of teachers. They will be
able to support you both in real-time and electronically. In Applied
Science we ensure that all students are thoroughly supported to
help meet their full potential.

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