Director Danny Price looked to the modern range of theatre for the latest Loreto production and chose Remote, written by highly rated Scottish playwright, Stef Smith. Remote is a play about ‘protest, power and protecting yourself.’ A young girl, Antler, overwhelmed by the multitudinous pressures of modern teenage life, destroys her mobile phone and climbs a tree in a local park, in an attempt to come to terms with the various commitments and obligations incumbent upon her. Antler’s gesture is an act of protest, personal as much as public, illuminated by the actions of her peers who gather around her in confusion and, ultimately, solidarity.

Danny Price, and Assistant Director Rebecca Owen, opted for a basic minimalist set, with a representation of the tree in the park and a scattering of autumn leaves, leaving the rest of the stage as a free space for the cast to use to their best advantage. Gemma Dawson was assured and confident in her portrayal of the beleaguered Antler, with Jonah Jarraid and Jade Francis, particularly effective as the local bullies. Primarily, however, Remote is an ensemble piece and the hard work put in during rehearsal time was much in evidence as the cast of fourteen explored the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and touched on some of the many issues affecting young people today.

This was a thought provoking and stimulating production, providing the audience with plenty to think about on the journey home.