In February, we embarked on our first Chaplaincy Trip to Rome, in place of our usual UK based retreat. The trip offered a great opportunity for students to take some time out of busy lives, gave a chance to explore and think about those things which are most important in life, and to offered opportunities to grow in faith. We stayed at Palazzola, a beautiful villa in the hills outside the city, which had incredible views over Lake Albano, and we travelled into the city for various activities.

Students had the chance to witness the heart of the Church first hand in visiting the Vatican and experience an audience with the Pope, as well as visiting key sites around Rome relating to Mary Ward and those who inspired her. It was a wonderful trip, with so many fantastic memories, and we are already looking forward to Rome 2020! This is what Nikki Ross, a Loreto student had to say about her time in Rome:

“Despite turning up at the airport not knowing a single person going to Rome, I had the best time and made some amazing friends during the trip. The villa we stayed in overlooked Lake Albano and the views of the sunset each night were spectacular.

The trip included some once in a lifetime opportunities; one thing that stood out for me was being present at the Pope’s speech. The trip also allowed me to reflect and have a different outlook on life, as I experienced a different culture. We visited other amazing landmarks such as the Colosseum and several churches, which were especially important to us as they have a link to Loreto College, as this is where Mary Ward set foot on her travels.

I will forever have great memories of this trip.”