Loreto’s Business Studies department has teamed up with Barclay’s LifeSkills program to help Business students develop their employability skills. The program is aimed to help students develop their CV; identify and develop personal skills; gain work experience and inspiration generally.

One lucky business student was offered the opportunity of a weeklong placement at Barclays Sale branch. During the placement the student got to grips with the basics of retail banking, had hands on experience of daily operations and the opportunity to shadow the branch manager for a day.

When reflecting on the experience, Charlie said:

“My experience at Barclays Sale branch was fantastic. Under the supervision of Victoria and her team I learnt many aspects of the branch banking system and the method in which it works with day to day consumers. I experienced all aspects of the bank, from working the tills to assessing defraud cases and ISA account set ups. I also looked into the personal banking and the close relationship the bank has with both consumers and local firms. On my own initiative I decided to look into other aspects of the branch, such as the mortgage advisory sector and the corporate advisory sector that the local branch offered. I got to know both Stephen and James and gained a good insight into the corporate and advisory side of the branch. I went to the bank looking to find out the most profitable aspects and products the bank offers and operates and also to highlight any change from the 2008 financial crisis and its impact on branch banking. For example, I noticed a huge policy introduced by the government in the mortgage industry and how regulated and profit restricted it has become since the selling of sub-prime loans in 2008.

 The experience has further expanded my interest in the banking industry and given me greater knowledge and understanding of the industry before pursuing it as a career. I thank Victoria and her team; I gained a brilliant personal experience and relationship with the team and thank the college for offering this brilliant opportunity.”