The Summer term for BTEC Performing Arts students was brought to a close in style with their showcase evening(pictured above in costume for Girls Like That); presenting two plays to a packed audience. Students had been working on two units: Performing to an audience and Contemporary Theatre Performance. For the assessment they had to create two performance pieces, contrasting in style and were assessed on their performance skills, interpretation and their autonomy in rehearsal. The two pieces, Girls Like That under the supervision of Course Leader Pippa Hudson and That Time,  under the supervision of Head of Performing Arts, Danny Price were well received by audiences. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say:

Girls Like That

Highly impressive ensemble work and imaginative use of physical theatre. At times, the menace conveyed by the girls as they mercilessly tormented their victim assumed Lord of the Flies proportions. Large cast, extremely well rehearsed, slick and accomplished with their delivery and timing.

That Time

Intrigued by the group staging of a piece presumably not intended for ensemble work – it worked extremely well. The cast coped admirably. It had the effect of flashes of insight and memory that we now associate with those suffering from dementia or similar conditions: a jumbled chain of reminiscence, suddenly illuminated by moments of absolute clarity. Timing was excellent.


A highly enjoyable, challenging and thought provoking evening.

The students should be rightly proud of their achievements, we certainly are!