Lower & Upper Sixth Loreto A Level Business students that took part in the Enterprise Micro Tyco challenge  and three have been successful and have been selected to join Deloitte this Summer on their ASPIRE work experience programme.

  • Mekio Singh
  • Dahabo Musa’ad
  • Murshed Ali

This is an incredible achievement as there were only 200 places available! over 2000 students took part across different schools/colleges across the country.  So how did they do it?

On Thursday 12th October Loreto hosted the Deloitte Schools Regional Workshop. Loreto College had been chosen as a workshop host because of the strong relationship that has been developed with WildHearts and Deloitte over the past three years.

Micro-Tyco provides young people with ‘Inspiration, Knowledge and Networks’ to help them learn and practice fundamental business concepts in a “micro” environment. Pupils received £1 seed capital from WildHearts and were challenged to grow it into as much money as possible in just 30 days. The short time-scale of Micro-Tyco inspires an entrepreneurial environment that unleashes participants’ hidden talents, whilst fostering creative thinking, resourcefulness and team work. Micro-Tyco also develops financial literacy, communication, leadership, project management and networking skills.

The money created from Micro-Tyco will be invested by WildHearts in micro-loans to help the world’s poorest people work their own way out of poverty with dignity and self-respect. As a result, participants will go from becoming dynamic wealth creators to global ethical investors.

Once the 30 day challenge was completed students then had to submit an individual Deloitte Diary and they received support and feedback from the Micro-Tyco team. Once their diary had been approved by the Micro-Tyco team, students then had to complete Deloitte’s short on-line application form and  the successful winners gained five days’ work experience. A great achievement for our three Loreto students.

Students have been invited to a celebration event on to thank them all for their hard work, congratulate the pupils in person and give them the opportunity to visit the Deloitte offices before they take part in ASPIRE this summer.

Well done to all who took part.